2008-09-29 -35 138

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Mon 29 Sep 2008 in -35,138:
-35.0066368, 138.9874894

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The geohash on the 29th of September 2008 for the Southern Graticule of Adelaide was located very close to the point of confluence. The actual point was in a paddock as seen in the photos below.


and later...

Nathan's Narrative[edit]

I was accompanied by BobTheFish which helped greatly with obtaining photographic proof that we were there [if you remember my last Geo# i had a problem photoing my own phone GPS with itself]. Relevant photos are at the bottom of the page.

UnwiseOwl's Long and Rambling Adventure Journal[edit]

What do you do in the evening, when you don't know what to do? Read a book? Play a game? ...Get out and get under the moon!

Yes, that insatiable bug bit yet again, and I was off to a hash. Google thought it was in a paddock, but spurred on by arvid's example in the irc and the knowledge that any farmer in the area would be well and truly tucked up in bed, I jumped in the car. The tunes for the trip up to the site were from Da Vinci's Notebook's 'Brontosaurus', and it was with great relief that I was not driving a little truck that I passed through Littlehampton (famous for its bricks), Nairne (famous for its ham) and Dawesley (not everywhere can be famous) and arrived (eventually, I might add) 100m or so from the hash.

Luckily it was not so dark (it was around 11:30 on a Adelaide night) that I didn't notice the electric fence, and after finding a suitable crossing point, I was off. On arriving at the hash, I could see absolutely nothing, but it was quite obvious to me that the site was: 1. Reachable, and 2. Cold.

Whipping out my trusty pocket thermometer as well as the other bits and pieces from my pack, I settled down for another failed experiment in nocturnal photography, but at least it's clear that I was somewhere, and that that somewhere was really flipping cold.

Hey Arvid *tag*, your turn!

I decided not to leave evidence of my visit since harvesters and the like generally don't agree with rocks, and so it was back over the fence and home to the subtle musings of TMBG's Flood.

Rabbits hit: 2

Rabbits still on the road on my return: 0

Streetlights mysteriously going out in my presence: 2

Semi-trailers overtaken: 5

Temperature records broken: 1

Times I thought I'd gone the wrong way: 3

Times I'd actually gone the wrong way:0

Pity I missed those other guys, though. Maybe we'll meet sometime in the future...

UnwiseOwl earned the Cold geohash achievement
by reaching the (-35, 138) geohash on 2008-09-29 while the temperature was 1.7°C.
-35 138 29092008 UO04.jpg

Other Photos[edit]

Photos from Nathan and BobTheFish: