2008-09-27 47 -122

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Sat 27 Sep 2008 in Seattle:
47.9185578, -122.3839487

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It's just off the road called Possession Estates at the south tip of Whidbey Island. Two houses are for sale just down the street. House One and House Two (thankk Zillow).




It was a nice weekend on Puget Sound, so there was more of a ferry backup than usual. Thus we ended up on the 4:00 ferry instead of the planned 3:00 or 3:30. Our car ended up right in front, with a view of the sound through the windshield. The kids enjoyed the crossing.

Whidbey island is the second longest island in the continental united states. First place goes to New York's long island of course. The island named for sailing master Joseph Whidbey, of Captain George Vancouver's ship Discovery. I could find no information on why this portion of water is named Possession Sound.

A short drive up and down some hills led to eventual single-lane road or driveway to the geohash. There were brambles and blackberries nearby, but the spot didn't require us to step into any of them - huzzah! My daughter Kiana posed with me in the weeds.

We then continued up the road to Possession Beach park. A review I read said to look for eagles and woodpeckers, but all we spotted in our stroll through the driftwood was a bunny. The trail apparently goes a ways up the coast, but we called it a wrap and headed back to Ivar's for some 70th anniversary specials. A grand day of geohashing, which son Daniel reported as awesome.