2008-09-27 33 -118

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Sat 27 Sep 2008 in Long Beach:
33.9185578, -118.3839487

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I, Mark, went to the hash for 2008 Sep 27th. I rode my bike down from Culver City along the coast, and underestimated the time, so I was there around 5pm, and (assuming no one else would be arriving so late) didn't stick around for long.

The location was fairly clear from satellite photos to be in a parking lot, and turned out to be at one of Northrop Grumman's Aerospace locations (for integrated systems). Although the parking lot was not too interesting (and I didn't have, say, some chalk to put a nice note on it), they had a nice airplane statue by their entrance. I don't have a GPS device, so I estimated the location from satellite imagery; I think in the photo it would be about halfway between the foreground red car and the 5 on the pavement.

The surroundings were interesting, too; across the street was an Air Force facility, and next to the NG building was Allied Aerospace, advertising a Trisonic Wind Tunnel (and showing big spherical constructs outside; a man who was presumably a guard inquired when I took pictures, but didn't tell me to go away). The location was also near the city of El Segundo (with the Richmod Street Fair in progress) and the Meriposa metro station.

Smartaleq also investigated this location. I was working in the NG building, and my car was parked not far from the hash.