2008-09-22 35 -106

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Mon 22 Sep 2008 in 35,-106:
35.0514104, -106.5605234

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Bishop_Wash: Today I was supposed to leave for a trip, but decided to check the coordinates. To my surprise, they were located inside Kirtland AFB. As an Air Force officer I have access and I saw an opportunity to pick up the Restricted Area achievement. I called my wife to see if she wanted to join me for lunch and hit a geohash before I left for my trip. She agreed and we planned to meet at the McDonalds on base.


The location was in an area of former base housing and close to the McDonalds. After meeting in the McDonalds parking lot, my wife and I got in one car and drove to the geohash. That section of base housing had been razed a few years ago, so the geohash was located in an open field. We were able to get close by parking on a street and walked about 50 feet to the location. At one time, someone could have received the couch potato achievement. It didn't take long to confirm the coordinates. We then took pictures for proof and headed off for lunch. A successful achievement.