2008-09-20 34 -117

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Sat 20 Sep 2008 in 34,-117:
34.5939233, -117.8365649

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This geohash was in a residential neighborhood in the desert town of Lake Los Angeles. It was easy to reach, since it was at the intersection of 164th and Jubilee Trail. Mike got there about 4:30 and snapped a couple of pictures of the house where the has was located. I didn't actually go in the yard or knock on the door, so I guess I just got within 20 feet of the spot.

Lake Los Angeles is a classic desert town in the Antelope Valley, near Saddleback Butte.

I only waited at the location for a couple of minutes, because I was sure that no one else would show. Afterward, I headed back down Ave O toward the 14. I did come across a circling police helicopter. To the best that I could tell, it looked like boy had been hurt.

From there, I hit up a 7-11 and then went back over the pass into Los Angeles.