2008-09-19 53 -2

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Fri 19 Sep 2008 in Manchester:
53.6187589, -2.3286772

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As is usual for this graticule, the hash point appears to be in a field. This particular field is next to a little stream not too far north of Bury.

Planned Expeditions[edit]


I think my plan is as simple as it needs to be.

1) After work - finishing at 5:30, so missing official hash time - walk from workplace in Chorlton to metrolink in Stretford.
2) Take metrolink to Bury.
3) Walk north out of Bury along Brandlesholme Road, until I reach a bridge.
4) Climb over side of bridge into stream.
5) Follow stream until I find hash point in bordering field.
6) Play Guitar Hero On Tour, attempt to complete Ozzy Osborne's I Don't Wanna Stop on Expert Mode, and possibly incure the wrath of a farmer.

UPDATE: International-Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day hash! Avast! We be raiding them lilly-livered fields o' the scallywags o' Bury!



Bunked off work early at 4 to start my adventure - good thing too, didn't get back until nine, and there's drinking to be had tonight! Got to Bury at about 5:15, was about an hour walk from the station, mostly uphill (yay) to the haspoint. The field it was in was surrounded by barbed wire, so I thought my first hash might have ended in No Trespassing, but luckily, found a public footpath of success +1, and after scrambling down a small valley and crossing a stream, made it to the hash point (or, as close as I could figure out with my Google Earth-generated map), adorned myself with piratical garments for the photo (Internation-Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day was fun, especially at my work, where very few people speak English ^^ ) then settled down in the field for my Guitar Hero On Tour challenge. I failed, 82% :'(