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Thu 18 Sep 2008 in 52,6:
52.1817289, 6.8922705

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Since it was at the edge of town Arvid wanted to go and try the coldest geohash again. He went after work, and convinced Christal to come along again. They agreed to meet at the closest main road around 20:15.




Arvid was way too early, expecting to be insanely slow on a regular bike, which he wasn't. He cycled a bit around, waiting for Christal to arrive. At 20:25 he found her, and at 20:30 they started to walk on the road google doesn't show. The road is part of a park-style thing. You are not allowed to go there with a motorized vehicle or a horse, or when it's dark. Oops. They only found that out later. The funny thing is, there are unlit signs in the dark saying you aren't allowed to go there after dark. Smart move.

Since it was dark, and that was to be expected, Arvid brought his high-end headlamp, and a small torch. He put the headlamp on, and gave Christal the torch. Christal wasn't really prepared, just coming from a dancing lesson. Arvid on the other hand didn't bother to put on cycling clothes, and wore army boots and jeans. Christal wanted to go off the road a lot earlier than Arvid, but at some point he gave in. After some rough terrain they arrived at a fence. Soon to be joined by a cow on the other side of the fence. The hash was in or on the other side of the field. Christal was very clear: a fence is no trespassing and she wouldn't go any further. Arvid on the other hand didn't care too much, chances of getting caught were minimal and he really wanted the coldest geohash by now. Which he was very likely to achieve, if he could get to the hashpoint.

The first cow was joined by a second one, although there were some serious doubts about being it a cow. Arvid is a lot more afraid has a lot more respect for bulls. Since the second cow was standing right before them, they couldn't make up whether it was a cow or a bull. Arvid believed to see a nipple at some point. A bit later the cows just left, and Christal was getting impatient. Arvid crossed the fence, the field, another fence, a ditch, some woods... Somewhere at the edge of these woods was the hashpoint. But being in woods again, getting a perfect GPS shot was a patient job. But since he left Christal alone about 120m earlier, he didn't want to let her wait too long. Arvid threw his thermometer out of his jacket and tried to get closer to the hashpoint, a quite useless activity. Arvid went back to the thermometer, took 2 utterly worthless pictures showing it was 9.3°C and 9.5°C, and went back to Christal again.

Since Christal had way more problems coping with the darkness than Arvid, he offered her the headlamp, using the small torch himself. Walking back wasn't really easy, apparently raptors had gotten hold of Christal when Arvid wasn't looking. Once back on the road the walk back was easy. They chatted a bit, and continued that at Christal's car. At 21:55 Christal and Arvid both went their ways.