2008-09-17 36 -76

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Wed 17 Sep 2008 in Norfolk, VA:
36.7278133, -76.7221626

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Hashpoint fell several yards into the frontage of a lush soybean field in Suffolk.


Involute, still deeply enthralled by a new GPS doohicky, tried to reach a nearby hashpoint. Driving the lovely twisty backroads I don't get to see too often, I considered it therapy after a mind-numbing daylong presentation/meeting at work. Sheesh, who'd have thought librarians could be boring?

The closest place to park was in front of a small abandoned house quite near the roadside. Sadly, the field glimpsed on Google maps which I had hoped would be given over to easily navigable corn or, better yet, already harvested was sporting a healthy growth of soybeans. As wading in would have been impossible without causing a swath of protein-rich destruction, I made the awkward leaning reach over the field to try to photograph my closest approach. I'm sure those people who drove past at that moment were laughing with me.