2008-09-15 33 -84

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Mon 15 Sep 2008 in 33,-84:
33.8454641, -84.6539416

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People who reached these coordinates:

  • NWoodruff and I found this place about 7pm local time. It was a little farther out of the way than I thought it was and it was a round about way to get there. I missed the turn on the Mayretta loop and had to turn around. Traffic is pretty bad at 6:30pm on that side of town. I eventually found the right way and looked for a place to get a bite to eat on my way there as in I was starving. I had my bicycle with me and rode around the circle for 10 minutes before locals started walking the street probably wondering what I was doing there. I wrote XKCD in the dirt with a stick where I thought the actual hash point is and left. I left about 7:20pm for Gwinnett county.


unfortunately I did not have my camera with me and I didn't have any one at work that had one either so no pictures were taken.