2008-09-13 51 6

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Sat 13 Sep 2008 in 51,6:
51.9503779, 6.9611570

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Arvid aims for the hashpoint at 4pm. It looks like its just behind a barn. Arvid really would've liked to go the hash in 51 5 too or instead to 50 6 since those are at way more interesting spots, but he needs to be a bit gentle on the ankle, since it's not completely painfree yet. This will be the first 5km+ ride since that ankle-bruising-event.


So nothing out of the ordinary, really.



I left home around 14:10, and quickly found out it was windy and not really warm. The sunny pictures might fool you, but it has probably never been above 17°C during the trip. Since this was a recovery trip I tried to avoid unpaved roads, but I failed. I didn't bother to make pictures of that though.

Also, one might think this area of Germany is flat... Well, it isn't. It doesn't have steep hills, but it's never really flat. Around 15:45 I arrived near the hashpoint. When I found the barn I hoped I could just walk past or around it. That was discouraged by No Trespassing signs. I didn't go to this graticule for the first time to get another No Trespassing achievement. I went back to the bad excuse for a road next to the field around the barn. Nobody says I can't just enter that empty field. When I was around the right coordinate on the N-part, I jumped the fence, walking towards the fence around the back of the barn. Oh hi cow. This is not an empty field! The cattle was far away and not really aware of me at that point, so I continued to look for the right coordinates. When I was just .00001 off on the East-west part I made a picture, so I say that counts. I made a picture of where the hash actually is. There is still a confused(or scared?) cow in the background of that picture. I went back to my bike, and decided to go to the place where the cattle actually was, but on the correct side of the fence, waiting for other geohashers to show up.

The cattle was young and curious. They came to check me out, but were also scared a bit. If I had known their attitude I wouldn't have gotten out of the field so quickly earlier. I tried to let them close so I could pet them, but they wouldn't let me. They backed off when I came within reaching distance. I could really scare them by jumping. I had 2 banana's and half a litre of water. Around 16:20 I went back home again, doing an alternative route. Hoping that this route wouldn't have unpaved roads in it. Haha! It had. Around 17:45 I was home again.

The good news: quite often I had totally forgotten there was something wrong with my ankle.