2008-09-11 49 -123

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Thu 11 Sep 2008 in 49,-123:
49.2307967, -123.0609883

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Todays geohash location is in a back alley on Gladstone between 43rd and 44th.




Thepiguy's expedition started at Mountain Equipment Coop, on Broadway. Me and my bike had been dropped off at MEC so I could get a few things before school. After spending another thwack of money on some more biking things (man that stuff is expensive!) I started my trip.

I started out on the 10th ave. bike route and took a right on Ontario. From there I switched to the 37th bike route until I got to Gladstone. As it turned out, there's no crosswalk at 41st and Gladstone, so all I could do was just run really fast, and hope that the semi-trucks had good brakes.

As promised by google, the location was in a back alley between the houses on 43rd and 44th. There were a few residents milling around at the other end of the alley, but besides them it was pretty deserted.

I only spent around 5 minutes at the hash (it seems each geohash I go to, it takes less and less time) and didn't have anything to leave as a marker.

I took the 37th bike route to UBC and even made it in time for my 14:00 class! (To make up for that though, I'm updating the wiki from class.)




This geohash was within striking distance of the Couch Potato for me, only two and a half kilometres from my house, so I decided to make it a Walk Geohash. The only question was, how to document a walk? I decided to take a picture about every five minutes as I strolled along. I would have put the GPS down next to each subject, but it took fifteen minutes to locate enough satellites to report a position. I hope that's because of the scheduled outages of satellites seven and twenty-five, and not the unscheduled life end of my GPS unit. Geohashing was a fun way to cast excitement into a simple walk, especially as I knew from thepiguy that it was accessible, and that I was not going to have to wade through swamps, climb over half-burned trees or be almost thwarted by beavers. Here is my story.

Sadly, I knew from online conversation that the most likely other attendees were in class, although it was a nice alley, it still wasn't a very good spot for a picnic, so I didn't stay much longer than thepiguy. The sun was setting in my eyes as I turned to go, and I still had a valid transfer, so I took the bus most of the way home.

I think this is the first time ever that I haven't had to create a page to document a geohash I have visited. But I have still never been to a geohash that had any evidence at the site that another geohasher had been there. (Just to rub it in for thepiguy: buy some sidewalk chalk, eh?)