2008-09-10 52 4

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Wed 10 Sep 2008 in 52,4:
52.2642955, 4.4566149

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This Noord West Nederland geohash was in the dunes of Noordwijk. Funny enough, Arvid had an appointment in Noordwijk that day to get his XKCD shirts. He ordered them together with a bloke living there, so he'd save on atlantic shipping costs. Which he probably didn't. Arvid had dinner in Leiden at bz2&fuzzies, so Arvid dragged them along.


Arvid brought along bz2 and fuzzie.


  • Drag-Along Geohash
  • Public Transport Geohash
  • Total covered one-way distance for Arvid is over 100 miles, but no saturday, so no XKCD-100. First non-cycling geohash for Arvid. Also: Arvid had other reasons to travel that distance, so it wouldn't really have counted anyway.
  • We walked 2.7km to and 2.6km back from the hash to the nearest bus stop.



Fuzzie, bz2 and Arvid took a bus just after dinner, so it wouldn't be too dark. Sunset should be at 20:12. We took the bus at 18:49. Well, it was 7 minutes late, but anyway. At 19:25 we arrived at the bus station closest to the hash, at the edge of Noordwijk. We set off for our expedition in the dunes. Fuzzie and bz2 were excited: hills! We have them in the Netherlands! It was quite a walk, and at some point we were a bit too far next to the main road. There were houses between us and the dunes we wanted to enter. We went back a bit and took a footpath in the direction of the sea. We were a bit walking around the hash though, but at some point we decided we had to enter the woods. We followed a path that was fairly open, but the hashpoint was in close trees. Coniferous trees. Maybe it was even a tree, we couldn't really tell. We all got us covered in needles from the trees. There was an old red ballon, maybe from a previous hasher? We couldn't really get a shot of the gps giving the exact coordinates, but since the reception wasn't all too good either, we decided it was Good Enough at some point, and made some pictures.

Then we walked back, while it was already dark. At the bus stop we were all kinda tired. Arvid stayed in the bus to the train station, because he still had to go back to the other side of the country. He arrived home around 1am, giving him fairly little sleep before his working day started again.