2008-09-07 49 -123

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Sun 7 Sep 2008 in 49,-123:
49.2259222, -123.1526692

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Located in front of a house at 50th and East Boulevard.




Thepiguy biked to the 7-11 on Arbutus (1.5km from the hash) and met up with srs0. From there they biked back towards the location. Once they had arrived they took a few pictures, finished their Slurpees, thepiguy ate some Nibs, and they hung around in the sun for a bit.

The bike ride was good, except for the intense wind. Total distance traveled was 35km.



Thanks to the prompting from ThePiGuy, I figure I should add my part to this. Srs0 biked to the aforementioned 7-11 on West Boulevard, not Arbutus as he mentioned, and waited a while for thepiguy to show up. We got some delicious frozen beverages and biked to the actual hashpoint. Thepiguy ate his nibs (I swear he's addicted to those things, and I should probably stage some kind of intervention) and I took some pictures, which he uploaded earlier (as seen above).

Thepiguy then left, and I attempted to leave, but ran into problems. First off, my tire was semi-flat so I went to fill it and gave myself quite the nice blood blister in the process (got the tip of my finger between the pump handle and shaft). I discovered that my back tire tube was fine, but the valve on the tube was leaking at an ever increasing rate. Then I took the tire off to replace it, took the tube out, and went to insert the spare tube I had only to discover that the spare was my (much younger) brother's which I must have accidentally grabbed the last time I was at my parents'. So, since the tube was much too small to put on the wheel, I re-filled the old tube with the faulty valve as much as I could and put the wheel back on the bike. I then caught a bus home. Thank goodness the buses had bike racks, as it would have been a few hours to walk home!