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2008-09-07 37 -122

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Sun 7 Sep 2008 in San Francisco, California:
37.2259222, -122.1526692

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[edit] Planning details

Just off of Highway 9, near Skyline. Pretty motorcycle ride.

[edit] Logistics

  • Google Maps link
  • Nice, convenient location, just off of Hwy 9, just South of Hwy 35.

[edit] Intended attendees

  • Ted and Vicki will be there at 4:00, with Once Upon A Time.
  • George & Jess said they might join us for Alice's lunch & games at the site at 4.

[edit] Execution/aftermath

Vicki & Ted made it there -- or within 300', anyway (it was 300' straight up a steep brush-covered hillside, to rather unreachable spot) -- and enjoyed the view for a while, before heading home. I have pictures on the other computer, and I'll upload them, "soon!" (If it gets to be October 2008, and they're not here, email me, and I'll make it a high priority.)

[edit] Photographic Evidence