2008-08-31 -34 150

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Sun 31 Aug 2008 in -34,150:
-34.3066130, 150.6090252

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This hash point was located about 200m East of the Hume Hwy near the Nepean dam. The map showed a fire trail that would take us right near the hash point after some bushwalking.


All attendees earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (-34, 150) geohash on 2008-08-31.
CJ 018.JPG


*Sigh* Yet another unsuccessful geohashing attempt - thwarted again by restricted access.

This location looked (on the map) like it had plenty of promise for a great Sunday afternoon adventure involving a drive down the highway and then a nice bushwalk along a fire trail, and then a few hundred metres into the bush to reach the actual location. CJ, Shady and Ramos set off for the drive down the highway and found the turn-off heading towards Avon and Nepean Dams.

We quickly located the fire trail where we planned to park the car and head off walking. Unfortunately we were met with a sign which read No Entry - Maximum Penalty $11,000. We looked around and noticed that there was one of these signs every 20m or so along the edge of the bushland. Someone was pretty serious about not wanting us to go in there. The thought of an $11,000 fine didn't sound particularly appealing, and so we had to resign ourselves to the fact that we had yet again been defeated by virtue of Restricted Access. What's the deal with so much of Sydney's natural beauty being Out-Of-Bounds???

Not wanting to have completely wasted our trip down the highway we decided to go and have a look at the Nepean Dam which was actually open to the public and only a few kilometres away. The dam itself was pretty impressive. Where we were and weren't allowed to go was still very tightly controlled with such ridiculously worded warning signs such as Definitely No Admittance Beyond This Point. As opposed to what? The other No Admittance signs that they don't really care if you go beyond?

We also paused to wonder about the sign which read Men Working Below Do Not Throw Stones. We decided that it was probably a good thing that these men didn't throw stones, as they'd never get their work done if they did...

Perhaps we'll get a location soon that we can actually get to!