2008-08-30 54 -114

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Sat 30 Aug 2008 in 54,-114:
54.1190723, -114.4226173

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Today's Barrhead, Alberta location was in the town of Barrhead itself, maybe a kilometre west of 60th Street, the westernmost street Google maps shows for that town.


Robyn who said she couldn't geohash today, but did anyway. It was sort of on the way to the airport she was driving to.


Robyn planned a driving route from Slave Lake to Edmonton that just happened to take her through Barrhead. It's a nice little farming town, with enough civic pride to twin with overseas cities, and to come up with an illuminated and florally decorated Welcome to Barrhead sign, but enough practicality that lots of people still have farm equipment and bulldozers in their front yards. When I found my left turn at 60th Street it was into the entrance of a housing subdivision that reminded me of the one where future Marty McFly lives in Back to the Future II. The one that was under construction in the present and either a good part of town or a bad part of town in the future, depending on which version of the future they were in. This one was partly under construction, but there were lots of finished and inhabited houses, too. When I saw the under construction ones I realized that the "field" in the Google Maps view was most likely a construction site, but I made my way along the little streets to see how close I could get. I reached the westernmost street and selected a place to park, to walk to the geohash.

I unplugged the GPS from the cigarette lighter and from the dashboard antenna and then looked at it. Distance: 0.00. I had accidentally parked at the geohash. I got out and wandered around a bit and decided the centre of the geohash was actually across the street, so I chalk-marked and photographed it, and then got back in the car to drive the rest of the way to Edmonton. I hope any Barrhead geohashers saw my sign, and I'm sorry for not sticking around if you do exist, but I wasn't going to wait until four in a graticule that didn't even have a wiki page (I guess I'll have to make one now), when I was only one graticule northwest of the Saturday meetup for Edmonton, a populated, active graticule.

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