2008-08-29 47 -122

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Fri 29 Aug 2008 in Seattle:
47.7157912, -122.3752428

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Just north of Carkeek Park's North Meadow. I selected the alternate location to be within the park, then we can take a short hike up the trail to North Meadow, then on to the actual point from there.




It was a nice enough walk - 3.3 miles round trip, more or less. Plenty of elevation changes. Nobody else made it to the park by 3:30, and I left a sign on the map. North Meadow was an easy 10 minute hike uphill, and then I sat about for 10 minutes and relaxed. Confident. Well, over-confident. And we know what Mother Nature has in store for those who are overconfident...

I got up from the bench and hiked up to the proper latitude, surveying the vegetation. Some small trees on the other side of brambles. I got closer. Hmmm, bit of a drop off. Those aren't small trees, those are the tops of rather large trees. Mother Nature crushed me, right then and there.

I considered dropping down then covering the 41.4 meters or so west, but I could never have gotten back up. I hiked back along the bluff trail (funny name - I wonder why they call it that?) but never found a good way in. I even considered the railroad tracks then an uphill hike... no trespassing for me, though.

Number 20 will have to wait for another day.


This geohash is 1.2139 km from Thomcat's house, which doesn't qualify him for Couch Potato Geohash or Honorable Mention. Still, I plan to try to claim the Walk geohash for this one. See you in Carkeek Park at 3:30, and yes, I'll bring a game.