2008-08-29 47 -122

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Fri 29 Aug 2008 in Seattle:
47.7157912, -122.3752428

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[edit] About

Just north of Carkeek Park's North Meadow. I selected the alternate location to be within the park, then we can take a short hike up the trail to North Meadow, then on to the actual point from there.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Expeditions

[edit] Thomcat

It was a nice enough walk - 3.3 miles round trip, more or less. Plenty of elevation changes. Nobody else made it to the park by 3:30, and I left a sign on the map. North Meadow was an easy 10 minute hike uphill, and then I sat about for 10 minutes and relaxed. Confident. Well, over-confident. And we know what Mother Nature has in store for those who are overconfident...

I got up from the bench and hiked up to the proper latitude, surveying the vegetation. Some small trees on the other side of brambles. I got closer. Hmmm, bit of a drop off. Those aren't small trees, those are the tops of rather large trees. Mother Nature crushed me, right then and there.

I considered dropping down then covering the 41.4 meters or so west, but I could never have gotten back up. I hiked back along the bluff trail (funny name - I wonder why they call it that?) but never found a good way in. I even considered the railroad tracks then an uphill hike... no trespassing for me, though.

Number 20 will have to wait for another day.

[edit] Planning

This geohash is 1.2139 km from Thomcat's house, which doesn't qualify him for Couch Potato Geohash or Honorable Mention. Still, I plan to try to claim the Walk geohash for this one. See you in Carkeek Park at 3:30, and yes, I'll bring a game.