2008-08-27 33 -80

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Wed 27 Aug 2008 in Orangeburg:
33.0265997, -80.1961107

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Located in Summerville, South Carolina, a town northwest of Charleston. In the SE corner of the graticule, in a small field near the intersection of US-78 and US-17.


The geohash is less than a mile from Skytso's fiancée Sadie's house. Coreycubed drove over after work to pick them up to hang out at his apartment, but stopped to find the hashpoint first. It was a short drive from Sadie's house to the site. Heading down Parsons Road, we saw the entrance to the road leading to the field. There was a smaller field on the north side of the road where some locals were playing football, so we had no trouble pulling up and walking around without looking out of place. We wandered around in the field for a bit, glad that it was indeed still a field, as the satellite imagery tends to be a bit out of date in this region. After a bit of pacing, we located the exact hashpoint! We took several pictures, glad we had finally found the exact coordinates. (And so close to home, too!).

Coordinates reached: 33.026600, -80.196110



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