2008-08-26 52 7

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Tue 26 Aug 2008 in 52,7:
52.2640168, 7.0104660

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Arvid went there because he wanted to do a Dutch hash in 52 7, aiming for a Regional Hash. The hash looked weird from google maps. And so it appeared to be. It is an E-shaped field, and there was a house next to it. Also, there was a bench looking out over the field. I parked my bike there, and saw an older man leaving the house, door still open. There was no sign or anything on the street saying what the house was. A bit later a woman that looked like a bit like a nurse entering the house. It looked old and odd, but I had no idea if it was actually someone's house. I decided to take a walk around the field, and at the other side there was some "explaining". The field was used to lay linen down so it would bleach. The house was from someone keeping the linen wet, and keeping an eye on it, it was founded in 1776. It also says it wasn't used anymore somewhere in the 1950's, and a foundation saved it, and officially opened the monument in 1964.

The area I live in used to have a big concentration of textile factories, starting around 1850. Earlier it was common that people in this area wove(is there an English teacher in here? weave-wove-woven?) linen at home. There are still some factories around here. In Losser itself there is a factory that makes linen for clothbound books. More famous is the company that specializes in bulletproof clothing, TenCate, they also make artificial turf.

Later I walked past the open gate with the "No trespassing"-sign. Bravely I decided to check if I could find out what the house was used for now, and the open door really made me think someone was actually living in there. So I decided not to bother the woman since I didn't think she actually had anything to do with the place. Later I saw her leave. I didn't see the old man come back, and decided it was time for home again.

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