2008-08-24 55 -115

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Sun 24 Aug 2008 in 55,-115:
55.2739382, -115.5345287

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The location, in the still-virgin Utikuma Lake, Alberta graticule, is on the south shore of Lesser Slave Lake, about five kilometres off highway 2, just west of Kinuso. It's a kilometre from the access road, lying in either an algae-covered pond or a verdant meadow. Don't you just love satellite images? Wow, do you realize all us geohashers are going to develop elite skills in the interpretation of satellite images, and be in demand by our respective countries' security agencies? Anyway there it is, just waiting for me and my incredibly crappy Wal-Mart bicycle any of hundreds of potential local geohashers to go and get it.


After knocking off Slave Lake's geohash first thing in the morning, I'm going to bike back down highway 2 to town, grab a bite to eat, and then continue 52 km the other way. And then I'll create lasting peace in the Middle East. That's a plan. Not a good plan, but a bold plan.


The Slave Lake geohash that should have taken a couple of hours there and back took me six and a half freaking hours, so the multihash is cancelled for today.