2008-08-20 52 7

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Wed 20 Aug 2008 in 52,7:
52.1685119, 7.1340127

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Arvid went there because he needed the exercise. He left home around 9:45am. The weather wasn't any good(windy and rainy), but Arvid thought he could get there in between the showers. He was very very wrong. Getting his bike out, it was dry, but when he was on the street it already started to rain. "Well, that must be the edge of the shower I saw on the radar then." he thought. He was wrong again! It started to rain quite a lot, and Arvid doesn't mind a bit of rain, as long as he has the first 10-15 minutes of his trip to warm up first. That wasn't the case now. He pedaled hard to keep warm, with the danger of wasting too much energy at the start. When he left the town of Gronau, the rain stopped. So when he got to the hash around 10:30, it was actually dry, and the picture of the stupidly grinning geohasher even shows a bit of sunshine! The rain wasn't too bad, since Arvid forgot to bring something to drink. Now he had external watercooling to save him from drying out.

Arvid's glasses are totally wet, and only when he took off his yellow-lensed glasses he noticed the greyness of the day. His shirt is soaked too on that picture, by the way. The hash was actually on the road, and Arvid marked the road! For the very first time he didn't forget to mark the place. He stopped halway when he noticed how quick the crayon from his tyre repair kit disappeared though. He needs more crayons.

Arvid also tried to get the achievement of coldest geohash, and brought his thermometer, capable of Fahrenheit and Celsius! It wasn't really cold, around 19C or 66F, but still colder than the standing record. Considering a speedracer-achievement, he tried to find a "max 30km/h" sign, but couldn't find it. The probable maximumspeed is then 70 or even 100km/h. Which isn't something he reaches on his bike unless it's steep downhill, which it wasn't, so he didn't try.

Of course, Arvid couldn't take the same route back after quite exact 20km of cycling, he made it a bit more interesting by cycling to Ahaus first, before returning in the direction of Enschede. In Ahaus he saw very dark clouds ahead again, and they delivered the expected amount of water. There is also proof of windyness in Ahaus. When he arrived at the border, the rain stopped again(starting in Ahaus), and there was even a bit more sunshine in the last bit in the Netherlands! That made up a bit for his soaking underpants. Arvid's clothes are dryer when they just come out of the washing machine, than when he arrived home, so after some cookies and a warm cup of tea, it was hot-shower-time. Total distance cycled this time: 53.6km.

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