2008-08-20 47 -122

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Wed 20 Aug 2008 in Seattle:
47.9932969, -122.0117545

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East of Everett, this property is for sale. Here's the zillow listing also. The hash point is within a fingerprint on the google satellite view.




The bridge visible at the realty site was blocked with a gate, so I proceeded on foot. Probably for the best - the focus doesn't have the highest ground clearance.

The hike was uphill, and I never did solve the mystery of the fingerprint. If this land was cultivated at one point, it was quite a while ago. It also started to rain, but nowhere near Drowned Rat Geohash status. Certainly not for the Seattle graticule anyways.

I left a sign for anyone who came later, and headed out to beat the traffic.