2008-08-17 -35 149

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Sun 17 Aug 2008 in -35,149:
-35.3047357, 149.0104490

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A Canberra Geohash in several easy steps[edit]

  1. Llandorin and Deb park at the nearest spot to the hashpoint
    • Geohash point is on the northern slopes of Mt Stromlo
  2. Nemo arrives a minute later
    • He had been investigating the inability to drive to the roads on the other side of the bardwire fences
  3. The three of them trek over a barbwire fence and to a dirt road which is reckoned by dodgy phone GPS as the point.
    • Yay Nokia
  4. Psud arrives with superior GPS-fu, and leads another 50 to a mountain bike trail through the edge of the pine trees, and this indeed WAS the geohash point.
    • This was more in line with what google maps thought too
    • Despite being on a bike trail, we did NOT achieve a bicycle geohash, nor were we run over by bicycles
  5. Picnic and photos taken
    • Gastronomical discovery of the picnic: Liquorice and salsa. Taste to your own imagination and/or experimentation.
    • No robo-camera though
  6.  ???
    • But seriously, ???
  7. PROFIT!!!
    • We will try not to spend it all on beer and hookers. Honestly.


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