2008-08-16 53 -109

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Sat 16 Aug 2008 in 53,-109:
53.3351359, -109.6121764

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View of the river, farmer's field?


Victoria Martinez

Jon Mottram


Head out, stocked with Cosmopolitan, Beaver Buzz, Jones Soda, and assorted snacks. Also a barely functional GPS. Make our way, and take a very incorrect road, to a wonderful broken down shack. We found a toilet seat, ballcaps, and cowboy boots, and swiped a couple of the ballcaps for future washing and wearing. Eventually, we turned back and found the right road, but our GPS was going crazy and we called Jon's brother for extra directions, to little avail. We stopped in Turtleford so Victoria could look for postcards, but it was all closed. We then found another, nicer shack, but more broken down and overgrown. Finally we got to a field near the coordinates, and left a note on the car for the owner of the land, begging apologies for our presence if it was unwelcome. We set off, taking pictures of landmarks to make our way back. Since the GPS was done with working, we stopped on the top of a pretty hill and listened to music, left a CD behind, listed it on George Stromboloupoulous' CD search, and made D&D character sheets.