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closing in on the Hashfield

Thu 14 Aug 2008 in Berlin:
52.5793654, 13.1369415

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The Tour[edit]

After work Phoenix mounted his trusty bike and headed for the hash into the Berlin-Brandenburg woods. Faithfully he drove towards Schönwalde along a beautioful but never-ending (or so it seems) alley, then into the forest, still on concrete track at first. This track was soon replaced by a bumpy field - time to become brave and switch on the Bluetooth GPS mouse. This guided Phoenix across an old bike track to yet another field with waist-high grass and bushes. Still he managed to get to the hash - exhausted but happy - not one minute before his friendly GPS mouse went to a silent sleep due to even worse exhaustion (battery power loss). What luck! So, with the proof taken Phoenix wandered a bit more through the woods in a south-like direction to finally find the village of Falkensee from where the way home led him across the border and into Berlin, and some time later safely home.


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