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Thu 14 Aug 2008 in Budapest, Hungary:
47.5793654, 19.1369415

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Date Coordinates
Thu 14 Aug 2008 47.5793654, 19.1369415


The hashpoint for the graticule was in the northern outskirts Budapest, quite close to my home. It is a field beside industrial areas and a huge refuse burner. The area is full of litter and there are hookers all along the main road. Not a nice place, the field is out of crop, it seems like motocross bikers using it as a racecourse.


Tom - I rode my bike from home to the site. It was a short trip after work.


I didn't have an operable photocamera, so no personal pictures (it wouldn't have been worth it anyway), but i upload a pic i found on the web (details in the picture description), for you to be able to imagine the area.