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Wed 13 Aug 2008 in Orangeburg:
33.0577698, -80.3689761

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Located in the outskirts of Ridgeville, South Carolina. The actual site of the geohash was approximately 150 feet south of the location reached, on the side of Indigo Road. A large, dense cluster of trees prevented access to the geohash's exact coordinates.


The geohash is about thirty miles from Coreycubed's house. He brought his wife Anna along for company, since Skytso flaked out on the trip. We stopped for dinner before getting on the highway and drove to Ridgeville. Approaching the geohash involved turning down a dirt road (now a mud road because of recent rains) and driving halfway between its endpoints. We got out of the car and looked around, finding a road leading into the trees, but blocked by a gate and a very faded "No Trespassing" sign. After consulting the GPS we realized that this would not allow access to the geohash anyways, and walked further down the road until reaching the exact longitude required for the hash. We turned south to find the trees blocking access; we checked several yards in either direction to see if there was a way into the foliage. Finding none, we photographed the spot and walked back to the car. Some local residents asked if we needed to use the phone, seeing us pace around with the Blackberry (using Google Maps Mobile as GPS). We told them we were fine and got back in the car to make the return drive to Charleston.

Coordinates reached: 33.058342, -80.368984

As the first geohash reached in the Orangeburg, South Carolina graticule, this makes all participants eligible for the Virgin Graticule achievement. Bonus points are awarded to Coreycubed for also creating the wiki page.



Achievements earned[edit]