2008-08-12 38 -121

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Tue 12 Aug 2008 in 38,-121:
38.4689344, -121.3865346

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The hash was near a railroad beyond a residential street near Elk Grove, CA. It required going off the paved road, with no lighting at the hashpoint because of the hour (2030h or so). No one was there except lots of crickets. A couple times, people drove into the street nearby, but it looks like they had made wrong turns.


A meetup was attempted, but only the organizer arrived.


With the moon, crickets and several feral cats as my only companions, I waited for a few minutes at the hash point for someone to join me or somehow message me that they were going to join me. I received no indication that anyone was going to come, which was not surprising considering the hour. I did not bother taking pictures because my cell phone would have been totally black anyway, and Google Maps can tell you what you need to know about the point.

I imagine Geohashing with other people is incredibly fun. When you are alone on a hashing trip, however, you never feel more so. You start to consider why this point in the world is so important, and you realize that, without others to share in your geekdom, you are just some guy in the middle of nowhere wondering why no one is here with you.


The following hashers hashed this hash:

Happy Anniversary![edit]

The hasher was late to the hash point because he had rushed from work to visit his parents in Elk Grove to recognize their 30th wedding anniversary. They celebrated by calling a funeral planner to make memorial arrangements. This is not a joke. Maybe there should be an Achievement to recognize when a hasher leaves an important event or responsibility to join in a hash meetup?


Didn't bother.