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2008-08-09 46 -119

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Sat 9 Aug 2008 in Tri Cities:
46.0913829, -119.0585948

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[edit] About

South (SE) of the Tri Cities, between The Butte and Jump Off Joe. Looks to be on a slope; can't tell whether it's farmed or not.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Expeditions

[edit] Thomcat

(continued from part one)

It took me about an hour and a half to travel 86 further miles to my next geohash. It was quite windy up this ridge, and somebody was obviously taking advantage of that. The actual geohash was quite a ways down a hill, through fields that closely resembled the previous hash.

I departed at 3, with not much hope of reaching the Yakima graticule geohash before 4pm. I decided instead to meet up with my host in Prosser, and attempt to convince him to join me. This I failed to do, and thus my long expedition ends here.