2008-08-05 52 7

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Tue 5 Aug 2008 in 52,7:
52.2084245, 7.0909875

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Arvid went there because it was -again- too close not to. In a straight line from his home it was only 12.94km. Cycling distance was 14.22km one way. The hashpoint was very close near a railwaycrossing. From googlemaps it looked like some sort of garden or playground. It was a dog trainingfield. The hashpoint was just behind the fence, but holding his arms as far as he could, he did get the exact coordinates on his GPS.

The problem with 14km twice is that its not far enough, so Arvid made his total trip more interesting by going over a nearby hill (that he discovered while doing an earlier hash) a couple of times, and took a long way home. Tracklog