2008-08-05 36 -76

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Tue 5 Aug 2008 in 36,-76:
36.9887995, -76.4071263

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Clint noticed that the point was within a Chic-A-Sea restaurant, so he took his roommate Shawn to dinner. He brought a sign and intended to give it as a gift to the establishment, but the employees were behind protective glass and it would have been difficult to communicate the concept of geohashing, graticules, or just location in general. He ordered fried chicken and beans, which were mediocre at best.


The probability of a point landing in this particular Chic-A-Sea can be found as follows:

P = 400 / ( [π × 6,370,0002 ⁄  180] · [sin(36+1) - sin(36)] )

This comes out to one in 24,839,727.

A worried patron of the seafood and fried chicken restaurant