2008-08-03 52 6

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Sun 3 Aug 2008 in 52,6:
52.1075008, 6.6815970

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havik and Arvid


Arvid's fuss on IRC about geohashing paid off! There was yet another geohasher to be found!

Arvid as always went by bike, but a little late today. He only left around 15:55, expecting the expedition to take about an hour, maybe a little less. There was quite some rain in the first half of the ride, Arvid was hoping this rain would just go past him. Not so much luck. It was warm rain though, so it wasn't that annoying. Arvid's tracklog

Arvid thought someone else left around 15:30 to go to the spot, so he didn't really expect someone to still be there. But when he arrived at 16:50 there was a car at the trees that were closest to the hash in the field next to it... He parked his bike and havik came out of the car, happily surprised. (This writing in third person really sucks). Together they went into the field, trying to get to the exact location. It was just a field with grass, there wasn't even a fence, although it probably is private property. So there was nothing that stopped those youngsters from what they do nowadays.

Arvid having the GPS started walking into the field, but the hash appeared to be on the other side of a ditch in the middle of the field. Arvid jumped over it, but had a lot of trouble understanding how to get the coordinates right. The help of havik came in very handy. After getting the proof they walked to the dike next to the Berkel river. There were ducks. They all fled when havik mentioned them. There was a chat, and after about an hour and Arvid finally finishing his tasteless and dry cookies (havik didn't refuse them!), they both went home again. Arvid was taking a different route home now, through Germany. Havik was taking that same route anyway, she came driving next to Arvid and mentioned in a surprised tone: "You're going 35kph!" This wasn't really true, since car speedometers are fabricated on the optimistic side, it was about 32kph. Which was a too fast pace anyway. Immediately after which havik got lost (again) and greeted arvid for a second time several kilometres later.