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2008-08-02 52 6

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Sat 2 Aug 2008 in 52,6:
52.2330430, 6.8770202

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[edit] Expedition

Arvid went there because it was actually in town. He tried to motivate others to come too, on an IRC channel that contains about half of the people listed as Active Geohashers in the Enschede graticule. Arvid was at the hash quite early, about 15:50. He expected more of a challenge to actually get to the spot. But it was at the side of a cycling path next to some sportfields, and especially the parking next to that.

At 15:59 someone known on IRC as tsd showed up, also by bike. That was it really. Arvid had brought the most tasteless cookies ever, and had some of those. tsd didn't fancy them. Around 16:15 tsd went on to the university campus pub, and Arvid went home again.