2008-07-25 52 13

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Stupid Grin[tm]

Fri 25 Jul 2008 in 52,13:
52.4611341, 13.0635047

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Near Krampnitz in the lake district east of Berlin



We went for the public transport achievement to reach today's geohash near Krampnitz in the lake district east of Berlin. What we got on top was the no trespassing achievement. Our maps showed the area of the hash to be a forest, with a restricted area close by. However, the closest service road was barred with a boom and labeled as nature reserve and former military area. As we were in a bit of a rush, we decided not to enter the forest and left with a Stupid Grin[tm].

The sign actually says that trespassing would be allowed on marked paths. That still means that we wouldn't have been able to reach the hash in the middle of the wood. As we weren't sure if the service path with the boom was marked or not, we decided not to trespass here.