2008-07-23 52 7

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Wed 23 Jul 2008 in 52,7:
52.2130408, 7.1882042

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Took the graticule's virginity. Cycled there. Border crossed. Arvid is not sure if crossing a frontier under the Schengen agreement should count though. The hashpoint wasn't where Arvid looked for it. The GPS was on the Dutch datum, whatever that may be. It's on WGS84 now. The hashpoint was somewhere in the middle of the field (like google shows). I could've made a perfect hash!


Arvid's tracklog showing where he thought the hash was, and where the hash actually was.

This one looked rather close, and since it also looked like it was in some field in town next to a hospital, it looked very reachable. The bad part was the cycling route is 60-70% in town, but the total distance(42km) is a good morning workout for me. The weather was not that good though. About 13-15C, 98% humidity when I left. Water in the air even suffered a bit from gravity.

The hashpoint itself was a bit further than the extreme corner of the field, which indeed was just a field of grass in town. There were some homes for old people next to it. Very convenient, next to the hospital. The field was wet, and my cycling shoes aren't waterproof.