2008-07-23 -35 149

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Wed 23 Jul 2008 in -35,149:
-35.2130408, 149.1882042

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Joanna met Psud at the usual meeting place, the Glowing Cube for an attempt on a Canberra geohash.

Joanna was driving this time, hooray!

The hash was on the highway that takes you to Sydney, just past an exit. The next exit (to turn around and drive back to Canberra) was about 3k down the road. Boo for extra driving. But, this means we passed the hashpoint twice (once on the way out of Canberra, and once coming back to Canberra). The shots of the GPS didn't come out well for the second pass (which was also the one closer to the actual hashpoint), so perhaps it was fortunate we did!

We drove by the hash (following the speed limit of course!), earning ourselves the speed racer achievement, then stopped in the emergency lane for the obligatory tower shot.