2008-07-17 33 -84

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Thu 17 Jul 2008 in Atlanta:
33.8870859, -84.1600801

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It looks to be about 2 miles from my house. I will be attempting this GeoHash when I return home from work, aprox 18:00. I am also going to attempt a Bicycle GeoHash. Expected attendance at 18:00 = 1. Please update if you plan on attending. I have clicked on the thumb tack on the map and updated it to say that I will be attending.

UPDATE: I wasn't able to get home till almost 7:30pm. I didn't start the bicycle GeoHash until about 8pm. As I got there it was already getting dark. If I had known that it was such a climb down, I would not have attempted the ride. Because of darkness, I didn't attempt the GeoHash and therefore have not awarded myself the GeoHash badge for this day.


Actual attendance = 2, me and a friend, got there early, stayed til 6, missed you NWoodruff. Was harder to get to than expected, the last 70 feet into the trees was a bit of a climb down.