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Sat 12 Jul 2008 in 51,4:
51.6128965, 4.2604917

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Panorama geohash 20080712 51 4.jpg

The location of July 12th, 2008 was near De Heen, a small village near the (not so big) town called Steenbergen in Noord-Brabant.

I, (MadJo) went there, as a spur of the moment thing. I didn't have anything better to do. So I off I went, armed with my TomTom and my digital camera. Not really sure what to expect.
I did not reach the exact position; the farmland it was in, was not accessible from my side of the field.
But I got really close, and left a mark on the side of the road.
Sadly no one else arrived, unless that group of walkers I spotted in the distance as I was leaving the area were also from The Internet.

Photos can be found here on my Flickr page.

51 4 12-07 het internet was hier.jpg