2008-07-12 50 7

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Sat 12 Jul 2008 in 50,7:
50.6128965, 7.2604917

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Interview with a Ninja Geohasher (excerpt)

<Kliment> July 12th was interesting.
<Kliment> I took the train to Bad Honnef and biked from there.
<Kliment> Across a state border (woo!)
<Kliment> The spot was in a forest.
<Kliment> Hilly area, I ascended quite a bit by bike, followed some unmarked roads.
<Kliment> Eventually had to leave my bike and venture into the woods.
<Kliment> It had rained, it was silent, wet, and slippery. I ended up covered in mud, but happy.
<Kliment> Took lots of pictures of the forest.
<Kliment> Then used the GPS track to get back to my bike, that was a bit freaky.
<Kliment> Since I couldn't see it.
<Kliment> And then high-speed downhill ride on an unmaintained road, in the rain. It was lovely. Then I crossed the river by ferry and biked all the way back.
<Kliment> Proof