2008-07-12 42 -71

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Sat 12 Jul 2008 in 42,-71:
42.6128965, -71.2604917

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42.612896N, 71.2604917W

This geohash is located in the Boston, Massachusetts graticule in the middle of Rogers Street near the intersection with Pike Street in Tewksbury, MA.

4:00pm Meetup[edit]


At least three people arrived at this hash near the appropriate time of 4:00pm. Cris arrived first at approximately 3:50PM. Cris only lives a few miles away so it was easy for him to get there. Sonny arrived next from Nebraska at approximately 4:05PM. Geordi arrived at about 4:20PM and thankfully brought a GPS. Unfortunately, Skip and Chan arrived together after the others had left and could not find the marks the others had left. After a while of waiting around, they, too, left, disappointed.


Prior to Geordi's arrival with the GPS Cris and Sonny agreed that the sewer cover in the middle of the road would suffice as the actual geohash point. The cover was marked and photographed. After Geordi arrived the actual point was determined to be a few feet away, closer to the side of the road. A printout of the XKCD comic 331 was autographed, dated, and placed in the nearby stone wall. In addition a small rock was tagged, photographed and placed unobtrusively in the rock wall.