2008-07-12 39 -84

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Sat 12 Jul 2008 in 39,-84:
39.6128965, -84.2604917

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Is anyone surprised?

Another golf course. At this rate, the Cincinnati Graticule Geohashers should all be accomplished golfers by now.


  • Icehawk78 - I'll be there with my girlfriend, and am attempting to get as many people from our graticule as possible to come, especially the new folks. Anyone in the Cincinnati area who needs a ride can contact me, once we figure out where it's at.
  • m5rammy - Pipestone Golf Club, on (generally speaking) the second hole according to their website. It looks like they may not want non-paying guests wandering around the course (has that stopped us before?), also the weather reports say it might be very wet. Maybe should have a backup plan. And afterwards, there is a very good and somewhat hidden Thai restaurant nearby, behind the Dayton Mall.
  • Appa's Sherpas - I'm planning to try to bike there, which would be my first Geo-hash. Possibly I'll try to drag along someone else too?
  • Kraigory - I'm hoping to make it out there but it's like an hour drive for me, and I have the slight problem of no GPS, but I think the map gives me a pretty good idea where I'm going.
  • MeaTalias - Made it. Lost at chess.



Quite the adventure ... We wanted to park at the side of the road, nearest to the hash spot, but turned out it was a wet muddy ditch with tall grass. One wheel was in the mud and one (diagonal from it) was still on the road. But we were stuck. So close and yet so far.
39.6129, -84.2605 hash location
39.6130, -84.2618 our car stuck in the mud location
Thank goodness for AAA. Finally mud-spattered, but no worse for the wear we made it to the spot then joined the others at the clubhouse (the staff was very friendly) for some games of Fluxx. (also Chess was played, and Puerto Rico was almost played). A fun time was had by all. (and TomTom again refused to cooperate with the camera) - m5rammy & Lisa