2008-07-10 45 -75

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Thu 10 Jul 2008 in Ottawa:
45.3372663, -75.9466538

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Expedition by Wojciech Kozlowski[edit]

Today's geohash was in Kanata, near the unfinished section of Terry Fox Drive. When complete, this road will connect the western side of Kanata to the Kanata North Business Park, and hopefully ease some of the morning traffic on Eagleson Road. I pass by this area often, and this was a good opportunity to check out the road construction progress.

I was hoping that at least the trees would be cleared along the road by now, but alas, such was not the case. Trees have been cleared for only 300-400 m from the current road, and not along the entire planned route as I hoped. Since I don't have a GPS receiver yet, and the forest is rather short of landmarks, I was unable the locate or reach the exact geohash point. Bummer.