2008-07-10 37 -121

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Thu 10 Jul 2008 in San Jose, California:
37.3372663, -121.9466538

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In San Jose, in the backyard of the house at either 2382 or 2378 Newhall Street. Closest approach, standing on the sidewalk, is about 90 feet. The point is just southwest of Santa Clara University, one block from the Santa Clara Catholic Cemetery.

Intended attendees[edit]

  • Youhas should be able to make it on out to this one, it being a ten-minute drive from his office or so. Will attempt to pop over mid-afternoon sometime, with showing up after work being a solid Plan B. Can massage my schedule around a bit, too, if it makes the difference between "this is a meet up!" and "I am visiting a random location in space".  :-)

Execution / Aftermath[edit]

  • Buxley visited at 6:30 PM. No other 'hashers around, but lots of neighbors wondering what I was doing there. =)
  • Youhas showed up around 3:30pm or so. Had a similar lack of geohashers around. Early enough in the day that there weren't too many locals around to question my presence or anything, though. My pic of the hashpoint pretty much matches up with Buxley's - will post it in the near future, assuming I can decipher the workings of my nigh-unused cellphone camera.

Photographic Evidence[edit]