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2008-07-07 59 10

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Mon 7 Jul 2008 in 59,10:
59.6924455, 10.4386083

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[edit] Attendees


[edit] Chimera

Rain in the forecast, so decided to walk. Figured about an hour and a half of walking to get there. Would have been right except for unnecessary meandering that added a half-hour. (It did take 1.5 hours for the return trip though.) Trip was mostly along a busy highway, which got annoying pretty fast. Reached coordinates around 16:40. Location was rather boring. Ended up not raining at all. Rollerblades would have been nice for the trip back as it was all an even downhill slope.

[edit] Location

The geohash coordinates were in a dirt parking lot by a barn and a garden centre in a residential area.