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2008-07-03 47 -122

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Thu 3 Jul 2008 in Seattle:
47.6317201, -122.0755257

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[edit] Overview

The location was elsewhere, so the First Thursday Club decided to meet at the Science fiction Museum in the Seattle Center.

[edit] Happenings

Nukewaste, Thomcat, Sparkamusprime, Drewloid, and Jack showed up. Thomcat had to leave a bit early, so the rest of us finished at the SFM and then explored the EMP, where Sparks banged on tables and embarrassed little boys playing guitar.

Then we went and ate at Dick's, and wandered around Lower Queen Anne for a bit.

Then it got dark, and we quickly tired of each other's company. Or so it seemed... But we learned a lot of valuable life lessons, so it was all good.

We later found that the actual meetup location was not so remote as you might think - only 350m NE from Redmond Fall City Animal Hospital.