2008-07-03 40 -105

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Thu 3 Jul 2008 in 40,-105:
40.6436863, -105.0108034

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The NW Denver geohash for 3 July 2008 was located in the southeast corner of an agricultural field between Fort Collins and Wellington, Colorado, about half a mile west of Interstate 25 and almost directly adjacent to BNSF railroad tracks.

I biked from Fort Collins (the bike lanes on the roads are quite good leading out to the Budweiser plant, which is about two miles south of today's location), about 10 miles in total. The directions for this week did indeed include "turn off the paved road." Parking my bike at the RR crossing, it was about a third of a mile walk north to the corner of the field. The actual coordinates, based on the satellite imagery, appear to be about 20 feet into the field, which was partially plowed and marshy.

Not wanting to disturb local farmers (who were driving past slowly in pickup trucks with quizzical expressions) or get my shoes wet, or trespass onto private land, I took a picture at the edge of the field and enjoyed playing with a slinky for a few moments before proceeding home at about 4:15 p.m. My bicycle may or may not have broken a spoke on the return journey.


Sadly, just me, unless others showed up later. -- Sethant 01:24, 4 July 2008 (UTC)