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Mon 30 Jun 2008 in 59,15:
59.3534819, 15.4768581

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A troublesome journey[edit]

Me, gnuX, and my friend 573w3 made it out to this location. I hade managed to get a hold on a GPS. A Tomtom GO 730, and let me tell you this: That GPS is NOT made for going of road. The trip started out well, but after a while I got som problems with the bike I had borrowed. The chain kept jumping around instead of spinning the wheel. Nothing that stopped us but it was anoying. We started to use the GPS about half way from Örebro and I got to say I was a bit impressed with it. It covered even the smallest roads. The impression didn't last though. When we got to the point where we had to leave our bikes and walk the GPS didn't perform well at all. There was really long waiting times between updates, the signal got lost and it crashed when I tried to enter the "Where am I"-mode. We spent about half an hour walking around trying to find the exact spot but in the end we settled for this one:


We had to have been a few meters from the correct location and it was all just trees and stone and no real landmarks anyway.