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Sat 28 Jun 2008 in San Francisco:
37.6581110, -122.3656342

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These coordinates are located in the San Francisco, California graticule on 2008-06-28, near San Francisco International Airport.

The official coordinates resolve to 37.65811°, -122.365635°, which is in the bay about 1km from the nearest land.

Nine non-water 'hashers met on the nearest dry land, which is a small spit that juts out into the bay from Point San Bruno Park. At 4pm, we were at 37.65502°, -122.37578°.

We moved to a nearby picnic table and played "Kill Dr. Lucky"

In case you can't edit wikis, there's a mailing list for the SF/SJ graticules. If you want to subscribe by email, send a blank email to sfsj-geohash-subscribe@googlegroups.com


People who attended:

4pm PDT[edit]






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Playing Dr. Lucky
General area
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