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Thu 26 Jun 2008 in 59,10:
59.9803913, 10.7286629

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[edit] About

Just on the edge of the highly popular lake Sognsvann just north of Oslo. On hot days the lawns an the lake is filled with people. It has a handicap friendly track running around it. About 3 km lenght. It is one of the trailheads for easy acces to the deep woods north of Norways capital.

[edit] Expeditions

[edit] hbrx

Taking the subway from work to the end station on Sognsvann and biking the 1.5 kms to the site was an easy task. I have biked, walked and skied these tracks numerous times. Have also lived at the student housing close by. The site is just a few meters from the classical cache called Sognsvann, Euroboksen.

[edit] Chimera

Used rollerblades, my preferred mode of transportation, to get to the lake, then walked along the trail to the hashpoint. Didn't have a clear idea exacly where the coordinates were, so I followed the trail a short way beyond where I thought it might be and ended up having a short discussion about science in general and physics in particular and the awesomeness of ThinkGeek with a random guy that said he liked my shirt. Suspect that the guy I saw digging through the weeds first time I passed where I finally decided the hashpoint to be was hbrx. Made 'cairn' out of bits of dried grass because there was nothing else close at hand. Sat around for a bit and then spent a while taking photos of the scenery, then rollerbladed back home.