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[edit] Coordinates

West of -30°: 0.592778399212, 0.219295754279
East of -30°: 0.255062761291, 0.609565859506

[edit] Expeditions

[edit] Photo Gallery

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Expeditions and Plans

Tallahassee, Florida James This was within 5 miles of his house, and he wasn't working, so James arriv...
Tōkyō, Japan Someone went Somewhere
Boston, Massachusetts Someone went 42.592778N, 71.219296W This hash is located in Tewksbury, MA in the Boston, Massachusetts grati...
Detroit, Michigan Billsquared Bloomcrest Drive, off of Long Lake Road, east of Squirrel Rd. Looks to be i...
London East, United Kingdom sophie, sofie, ben, sam, User:DrazharLn was reached by 5 people, one bike, one and a half Jamaican Ginger Cakes. Fo...

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